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Dozens of people “lifted” a bus to save a man who was trapped in his wheels

Videos of the city of Bilbao in the Basque Country are making the rounds on the internet Spain where dozens of people joined forces to “raise” bus in order to extricate a person who had been found under the vehicle.

The incident, according to the Spanish media, happened on Monday (4/9) at a bus stop in Bilbao’s Arenal Park, very close to the city center. An elderly man was found trapped in the wheels of a bus and both he and other fellow citizens who were near him were calling for help from people passing by. In a few seconds dozens of people gathered to help free the man.

So everyone together started pushing the bus to free the man and they succeeded. An ambulance rushed to the scene, according to the Spanish media, which transported the elderly man to a nearby hospital, injured, but not in danger of his life. In the meantime, the police authorities are conducting an investigation to ascertain the exact causes of the incident and how the man found himself trapped under the heavy vehicle.

Source: News Beast

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