Dpcm January 16: 4 colors planned, but none yet in white


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The map provided in new Dpcm starting January 16 it will be in four colors, but the most coveted, white, will not touch any Region.

Let’s say that, since Sunday, the dominant colors will always be the same orange and red, with a few splashes of yellow here and there. Almost certainly in the area with the strictest restrictions, according to the latest ISS monitoring, Lombardy and Emilia Romagna risk ending up, which, in addition to the constantly increasing contagion index, are defined as high risk.

But let’s see in detail. If something new appears in this Dpcm is this phantom white area, a destination coveted by all the Regions and also by all of us, where practically all restrictions will be abolished. A dream. But it will only happen to those who report the RT, that is the contagion index below 1 and the incidence rate of infections per 100,000 inhabitants not exceeding 50, in addition to the low risk classification.

For the moment the closest region is Tuscany, the only one classified as low risk in the latest ISS monitoring, but where the incidence rate is still three times higher than that required.

Only the use of the mask and the spacing will remain mandatory. For the rest, return of lessons in the presence for all schools of all levels, goodbye curfew, free travel, bars and restaurants always open, shops and shopping centers even on weekends.

It’s still reopening of gyms, swimming pools, team sports and contact e reopening also for cinemas, theaters, museums, exhibitions, conferences, fairs. In short, another world.

The state of emergency

The government had speculated to extend the state of emergency until April 30, scientists ask to arrive at least in July “when with the warm season the pressure of the virus should ease ».

The reasons for postponing other months are precise. Certainly the “still important” impact that the virus curve has on ICU beds and in the medical area: 13 regions and autonomous provinces have exceeded the critical threshold.

Then the data concerning Europe where infections continue to grow, as well as the number of victims. And not least, but certainly main topic, the ongoing vaccination campaign that cannot be endangered with an exponential increase in infections.

And now let’s have a brief review of the other colors, if it is still not clear what can and what cannot be done.

In the yellow zone the movements are free, without any justification, but it will not be possible to cross the regional borders except for reasons of work, health or necessity or to return to your residence, domicile or home where you can always reunite with your partner if you live and work elsewhere. Those who have a second home within regional borders will be able to reach it freely.

All schools can return to attendance, but not all regions have yet given the go-ahead for high school.

All shops open, but department stores and malls will be closed on weekends. Bars, restaurants, pastry shops, ice cream parlors open, but only until 6pm. After that time, should remain permitted only the home service to avoid the crowds of nightlife in front of the premises. The regions instead proposed a less penalizing measure for locals, namely that of prohibiting only the take-away of drinks. But the final decision will only be taken tomorrow after the last confrontation.

Meetings at home will also continue to be limited, extending the Christmas rule according to which it is allowed to receive at home no more than two people not living together with children under 14 and disabled people at the most. Obviously, there is no control inside the houses.

However, the museums will reopen, limited to the permanent collections.

In the orange zone you go up to stricter restrictions. It will be the most popular color given that to end it all it takes is a contagion index that is now higher than 1 and no longer than 1.25. And there are twelve regions and among these also Lazio, which until now has always been the yellow zone. Piedmont, Umbria, Marche, Sardinia, Puglia, Molise, Liguria, Abruzzo, as well as Emilia Romagna, Sicily and Calabria, which already are, also risk ending up there.

The movements will be free only within the Municipality. The government is only considering an exemption from traveling within the region to reach the second home. Of course, the ban on more than two people in the house also applies here while it would be allowed to move for a radius of 30 kilometers (but not to reach a provincial capital) for the inhabitants of centers with less than 5,000 inhabitants.

The shops remain open, except shopping malls on weekends, but they close bars, restaurants, pastry shops and ice cream parlors. For the take-away and the home, the same rules apply as for all other areas.

Closed museums, cinemas, theaters, exhibitions, fairs and congresses. And gyms, swimming pools and ski lifts.

The resumption of lessons in the presence even in high school is allowed, but each region decides for itself therefore it will be necessary to consult the regional ordinances.

Finally the unbearable red zone, that of lockdonw but softer than last spring. At the moment the region that risks ending up in this area is Lombardy.

Almost everything is prohibited here: to leave the house it will be necessary to have the self-certification behind and motivate the move for reasons of work, health and necessity or to return to one’s residence, domicile or home and for reunification with the partner.

All commercial activities not considered essential, from bars and restaurants to shops of all kinds, were closed, except for home delivery. The exceptions are of course grocery stores, pharmacies, but also bookstores, underwear and sports stores, stationeries, toy and hardware stores. Barbers and hairdressers also remain open.

Only preschool, elementary and junior high schools are present. For all the others, distance learning is provided.

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