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DR Congo prepares legal appeals against Apple in France and the US

The state of DR Congo is considering taking legal action against Apple “in France and the US”, following the extrajudicial sent in April to the company, which it accuses of using minerals “illegally mined” from its territory, Western lawyers representing it said yesterday in Kinshasa. On April 25, DR Congo lawyers accused Apple of buying minerals that have been smuggled out of the country’s volatile east into neighboring Rwanda, where they are “laundered” and enter the global supply chain. Paris-based lawyers on behalf of the DR Congo authorities have sent Apple a warning that legal action may be taken against it if its illegal practice continues. In the lawyers’ letter, Apple reserved a “succinct” response that could be seen as a display of “contempt, cynicism, arrogance,” French lawyer William Bourdon, who represents DR Congo, told reporters. The company, judged by […]
Source: News Beast

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