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Dragon Age and The Witcher are not games, but series. What movie to watch in december

Another year is coming to an end. In 2022, December will be the month of third seasons and spin-offs. However, the audience will not be left without interesting novelties before the New Year. For example, an anime series based on the Dragon Age games from BioWare. The third seasons will receive “Jack Ryan” about a CIA analyst with John Krasinski in the title role, the fantasy “His Dark Materials” with James McAvoy, and “Emily in Paris” about fashion and France. Among the main spin-offs of the month are the series in the National Treasure franchise, the next prequel to Yellowstone, as well as a new project based on The Witcher.

“Three Pines” (Three Pines)

  • Platform: Amazon Prime Video.
  • Release date: December 2.
  • Release format: one episode per week (8 episodes).
  • Genre: Drama, Detective, Mystery.

Already on December 2, Amazon Prime Video will premiere the detective series Three Pines, the plot of which is based on a series of novels by Louise Penny about Chief Inspector Armand Gamache from Quebec. One day, he took up the investigation of a strange murder in the idyllic village of Three Pines. Nothing like this had ever happened there, when suddenly in broad daylight, with a crowd of people, a woman was killed, but not a single witness of the crime was found. Gamache has earned his place by being able to see what others cannot. He can communicate with the underworld. Thanks to this, he discovers the connection of local residents with long-forgotten gloomy events. It is interesting that the inspector himself, it turns out, had such secrets that he would not want to wake up. The main role in the series was played by the inimitable Alfred Molina.

“George and Tammy” (George & Tammy)

  • Platform: Showtime.
  • Release date: December 4th.
  • Release format: one episode per week (6 episodes).
  • Genre: drama, biography, music.


It is very strange that there are quite a lot of biopics and TV shows about musicians and, in particular, about country artists, but at the same time, until December 4, 2022, filmmakers avoided the story of George Jones. Moreover, he is the record holder for the number of hits that have been on the US country charts (more than 150!). The period of his greatest success came in the 70s, when he met and married another country singer Tammy Wynette, who is now known as the “First Lady of Country”. Showtime’s miniseries explores the rise and fall of two of America’s country music’s brightest stars from every angle: hit songs, drug and alcohol problems, thousands of concerts and cancellations, and love and its fading. The script for the show is based on the memoirs of the musicians’ daughter, Georgette Jones. Starring Michael Shannon and Jessica Chastain.

Dragon Age: Absolution

  • Platform: Netflix.
  • Release date: December 9th.
  • Release format: the whole season at once (6 episodes).
  • Genre: anime, action, fantasy.

Another video game adaptation from Netflix in the form of an anime series. This time, viewers will be immersed in the Dragon Age universe, created by the legendary Canadian studio BioWare back in 2009. The company was directly involved in the development of the series and closely followed the work of the Korean animation studio Red Dog Culture House. And that’s a good sign, because the best anime on Netflix was created under the supervision of the developers (Arkane and Cyberpunk 2077). The plot of the six half-hour episodes will be built around the elven thief Miriam. She and her team have been hired to steal a ring from one of the most powerful mages of Tevinter, the oldest stronghold of the human race. The creators of the series have promised that viewers will see many familiar elements from the game’s lore, including races, classes, locations, and more. And according to Netflix, the anime will also surprise with a few “special surprises.”

National Treasure: Edge of History

  • Platform: Disney+.
  • Release date: December 14th.
  • Release format: one episode per week (10 episodes).
  • Genre: adventure.

Disney continues to revive its old popular franchises. This time, films with Nicolas Cage National Treasure continued. True in the form of a series, and even with new main characters. Although the audience will still see some old heroes. Computer genius and FBI special agent Justin Bartha and Harvey Keitel have been officially confirmed to reprise their roles. One can only hope that the series will turn out to be good and get a second season, because in November, during the advertising campaign, it was announced that Ben Gates, who was originally played by Nicolas Cage, should also appear in it according to the script. The first season will introduce the viewer to twenty-year-old adventurous Jess, who will unravel the secrets of her family, along the way looking for long-lost treasures. The main role in the film went to Lisette Alexis.

“The Recruit” (The Recruit)

  • Platform: Netflix.
  • Release date: December 16th.
  • Release format: the whole season at once (8 episodes).
  • Genre: Drama, Action, Crime.

On December 16, Netflix will release a new series about a CIA rookie lawyer who makes his way into the dangerous world of espionage and international power politics. He didn’t want that, of course. Owen Hendrix, a promising lawyer, was invited to work for the US Intelligence Agency. The first week in a new place brings him a lot of trouble. It is he who receives a letter from former agent Max Meladze, who is currently in custody. She demands to be released and fully rehabilitated, otherwise she will be able to reveal some of the dirty secrets of the CIA. At first, Owen tries to negotiate with Max, but gets into a dangerous game in which he becomes the main figure. Now something more than the reputation of the state structure depends on him. Starring Noah Centineo and Laura Haddock. It is interesting that in 2003 the film “The Recruit” was released, where the hero of Colin Farrell came to work at the CIA and got into a severe scrape. But, apparently, these projects are not connected.


  • Platform: Paramount+.
  • Release date: December 18th.
  • Release format: one episode per week (8 episodes).
  • Genre: Drama, Western.

In 2018, Taylor Sheridan’s neo-western drama Yellowstone, starring Kevin Costner, was released on Paramount+. It told the story of the Dutton family, who own one of the largest ranches in the US, and was an instant hit. In 2021, in the midst of broadcasting the show’s fourth season, Paramount launched the 1883 prequel series. The creators warned that the new project was designed for only one season, and they did not lie. This year comes out, just in time for the show of the fifth season of the original series, a new spin-off called “1923” comes out on the screens with new characters and history. Harrison Ford and Helen Mirren will play another generation of Duttons. The series will also feature Robert Patrick as a family friend. According to the plot, this generation of Duttons will cope with the difficulties that, after the rapid development of the Wild West, fell on all its inhabitants with the collapse of the US exchange-traded fund. The Great Depression that followed, Prohibition, and many other trials will be shown over two eight-episode seasons.

The Witcher: Origin (The Witcher: Blood Origin)

  • Platform: Netflix.
  • Release date: December 25th.
  • Release format: the whole season at once (6 episodes).
  • Genre: Action, Fantasy.

Another iconic spin-off will be marked by Netflix in December with The Witcher: Origins. In December 2019, the project with Henry Cavill as Geralt of Rivia divided fans into three camps: lovers of books, games and film adaptations. The television universe immediately began to develop and live its own life. Netflix has already managed to release an animated spin-off, and now a prequel series, which will take place 1200 years before the era of Geralt, when the Conjunction of the Spheres took place and monsters and witchers appeared in the world. The main character is the warlike Eile. She left her clan and queen to become a wandering musician, but fate forced her to take up arms again. Sophia Brown, Lawrence O’Fuorane and the legendary Michelle Yeoh will play the leading roles.

“Treason” (Treason)

  • Platform: Netflix.
  • Release date: December 26th.
  • Release format: the whole season at once (5 episodes).
  • Genre: Drama, Detective, Action.

While Daredevil moves under the wing of Marvel Studios, actor Charlie Cox continues to work with Netflix. On December 26, together with Olga Kurylenko, he will appear in the mini-series Treason. Agent Adam Lawrence is confident in the strength of his position in MI6 exactly until the moment when the Russian spy Kara reappears in his life, with whom he shares a common past. Their unexpected reunion forces Lawrence to rethink many things in his life. Between Adam, his wife Maddie and Kara, a very difficult relationship develops. All three try to uncover each other’s secrets while keeping the ones they love the most. Netflix promises viewers plot twists they won’t expect. Also, since the creators didn’t have to think about a sequel, no hero is immune from death. Pretty interesting statements, right?


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