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Drew Barrymore reveals: ‘After my third divorce, I drank so much my therapist quit’

Drew Barrymore he has a decidedly eventful love life behind him which also includes three divorces. The last, from Will Kopelmanfather of his daughters Olive and Frankie, 10 and 8 years old, dates back to seven years ago. But only now has the actress revealed that a self-destructive spiral fell after that painful separation: his only refuge was the bottleas he just told in an interview with Los Angeles Times. He drank so much that he had to seek help in the therapist Barry Michels. However, when he realized that he could not handle the actress’s serious addiction, he discharged her as a patient. “He told me“ I can’t do this anymore ”, and he was referring to my drinking problem. I replied “I understand and I have never respected you more. I’m not getting better and I hope one day I can regain your trust.”

The turning point came in 2019, thanks to the Drew Barrymore Show. After taping the first episode, Barrymore told herself, “I can’t do the show unless I’m sober.” AND stopped drinking. Since then, the actress has resumed her professional relationship with Michels and even if she is still struggling «against a lot of things» she has faith in the future: «I realized that only with me and with my daughters am I really happy».

After breaking up with Kopelman, Barrymore, as she said, she hasn’t had men and hasn’t had sex for years. But last December she revealed that the withdrawal was over: her heart started beating again for someone whose name she didn’t reveal. However, she doesn’t talk about marriage, at least according to the statements made by the actress a couple of years ago. Interviewed by PeopleDrew has in fact sworn that he will never marry «never, never, never again. A never written in capital letters». The actress married her first husband, bartender Jeremy Thomasin 1994, for divorce just two months after the “yes”. Then in 2001 she walked down the aisle with the actor Tom Greenother flash wedding finished in five months. Finally in 2012 she married Will Kopelman. But four years after yes and after the birth of two girls, came the third divorce.

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Source: Vanity Fair

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