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Driver who ran over Kayky Brito becomes an influencer and does facial harmonization

Dionez Coelho, the app driver who ran over actor Kayky Brito in early September, threw himself into the world of internet influencers.

The professional became known due to the accident and his relationship with the Brito family. Dionez decided to invest in the digital medium and last Thursday (16), he shared the result of a facial harmonization that he would have done through barter.

“Today I carried out my facial harmonization process with Dr. Fabiana Silveira, we injected hyaluronic acid into strategic points on the face with the aim of removing the tired appearance of the face, which bothered me a lot. The process is painless as it uses local anesthesia (…) Detail, in the photo on the left is the before with the eyebrow raised, in the photo on the right after the procedure with the eyebrow raised! I am really happy. Gratitude,” he said.

In the comments, the driver revealed that his wife also underwent the procedure and responded to a criticism made by a follower. “Already get a new one. It’s always like this, you just need to have money”, said the girl.

Dionez responded and made a statement about their relationship. “What a pity you have this thought that doesn’t define my character. I am very well settled with my beautiful and beloved wife! A gift that God gave me. I will pray for you,” he replied.

He also already has contacts for advertising on Instagram and even bought a new car with the crowdfunding made online so he could repair the damage to his car after the accident with Kayky Brito.

Source: CNN Brasil

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