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Dry and cracked skin? 20 SPA treatments to remineralise it

Cold, wind and temperature changes typical of winter act directly on the skin, the part of our body most exposed to external agents for obvious reasons. As a consequence of the cold temperatures the blood vessels narrow, so as not to disperse the heat. This physiological process affects the vascularization of the skinslowing down processes such as the production of lipids, essential for keeping it soft and hydrated.

When the hydrolipidic film thins the skin results weakened, arid and more vulnerable; they appear like this burning lips, feeling of a tight face, redness, irritation and chapping in various areas of the body.

At the origin of the dry skin however, there are also other causes such as, for example, staying in overheated environments that dry the air, frequent and too hot washing that weaken the body surface, hereditary factors and advancing age.

What we can do on a daily basis is rethink ours skincare choosing richer cosmetics – both in ingredients and textures – compared to the light and impalpable ones that we tend to prefer in hot weather, and apply creams with a barrier effect against atmospheric agentsincluding the sun, to maintain the skin’s hydrolipidic balance.

These annoyances mainly related to the season do not concern only us mere mortals; among the stars with particularly sensitive skin also the beautiful one Jennifer Lawrence which, especially in winter, uses a anti-aging cream with stem cells, to deeply and best nourish his delicate skin.

Between addicted of natural oils, on the other hand, we find Gwyneth Paltrow, who uses them for the face, preferring those with Omega 3, vitamins and minerals to keep her skin compact and well nourished, easily reddening when temperatures drop.

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But for hydration it’s not enough just to use the right products, it’s also important drink at least 1.5 liters of water during the day, humidify closed environments and decrease the number of showers compared to other times of the year, paying attention to dry well and to do not use water that is too hot.

Obviously also SPA and wellness centers they are well supplied in terms of rituals to pamper dehydrated and sensitized skin, remineralize it with concentrated active ingredients and also give a beneficial break.

Many of these treatments involve one preliminary scrub or peelingboth to eliminate dead cells and to make the epidermis more receptive, and then continue with masks, wraps, muds rich in nourishing and restorative elements to ensure that the hydrolipidic balance of the skin is restored and the production of collagen stimulated.

We advise you to try these.

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