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Dry Law: Detran-SP promotes mega operation in the state

The São Paulo State Traffic Department (Detran-SP) begins this Monday (18) a mega Dry Law operation in several cities in the state.

There will be 18 simultaneous actions, considering one municipality from each of Detran’s regional superintendencies in the State, with a greater concentration of inspections between Friday and Saturday.

The action takes place amidst the celebration of National Traffic Week, in partnership with the Military, Civil and Techno-Scientific police, with the aim of preventing accidents caused by the combination of alcohol and driving.

According to Detran, between January and August 2023, 154,185 vehicles were inspected.

There were 5,791 refusals to take a breathalyzer test, 384 cases of driving under the influence of alcohol and another 99 drunk driving crimes, when the alcohol content per liter of expelled air was 0.34 milligrams or more.

The Prohibition Megaoperation in the State of São Paulo runs until next Monday (25).

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Source: CNN Brasil

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