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Dry lips: see causes, care and hydration tips

Before the temperature fluctuation The skin tends to present the most dried up . With this, the hydration It is maintenance need extra care .

Especially since one is one of the thinnest, the lip skin suffers a greater and more visible impact, causing cracks and, in some cases, even wounds.

Going beyond low air humidity, other factors can stimulate the condition, as explained by the dermatologist Ana Beatriz Schmidt The CNN .

“Dry lips may be due to dehydration due to low water or fluid intake, but there are also medications and systemic diseases that can cause this symptom to appear, as well as some products for topical use on the face, for example, acids that, in contact with the lips, they enhance this effect”, he says.

Symptoms, as presented by the dermatologist Lucas Miranda can vary in severity and include a range of uncomfortable manifestations.

“Initially, many people notice a feeling of tightness in their lips, as if they are dry and dehydrated. This tightness can be accompanied by a feeling of stiffness, especially when opening or closing the mouth”, he reports.

“As dryness progresses, the lips may begin to peel, showing small areas of dry skin that peel off. These areas can even be particularly noticeable around the lip line. Peeling may be light at first, but can progress to more visible and deeper cracks,” he adds.

Preventing and avoiding dryness

“Preventing dry lips consists of drinking plenty of fluids. We also have lip moisturizing products that are specific to this region, not necessarily cocoa butter, as it does not have such moisturizing power”, reinforces Ana.

Lucas also adds a proper care routine.

“This includes regularly applying a sunscreen with SPF and avoiding licking your lips. Although it seems like a temporary solution, the action actually dehydrates them even more. Saliva contains enzymes that can irritate the sensitive skin of the lips, and when the saliva evaporates, it takes moisture from the lips with it, leaving them drier than before,” he warns.

Can makeup be harmful?

Ana says that using very oil-free makeup, with a very dry touch, for example, can worsen dryness.

“It is worth mentioning that the use of very old makeup, out of date, especially lipsticks, can also cause the condition”, he states.

Dermatological help and tips for maintaining hydration

Both say that professional help should come into play when symptoms persist despite care at home or, even, if there are signs of infection, such as pus or crusts.

  • Regularly apply a moisturizing lip balm with SPF;
  • Drink plenty of water to maintain body hydration;
  • Avoid licking your lips and biting loose skin;
  • Protect your lips from the wind and cold with scarves or scarves, for example;
  • Avoid irritating lip products and opt for products formulated with moisturizing ingredients like coconut oil or vitamin E;
  • Avoid incorrect use of makeup on site;
  • Avoid excessive sun.

Source: CNN Brasil

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