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Dua Lipa has revealed her secret to a satisfying married life

Dua Lipa take everything. At just 28 years old (she was born on 22 August 1995), everything is going swimmingly for the London singer, of Albanian-Kosovar origin. As for the careerjust earned his fourth “world number one” with the single Dance the night, featured in the film’s soundtrack Barbie. An impressive result, which came after that One kissrecorded with Calvin Harris, was the longest-running number one single by a female artist in 2018.

Even in love there are roses that seem to be blooming: the pop star it’s a permanent couple for a few months now with the French director Romain Gavras42 years old, who he has already introduced to mother Anesa and father Dukagjin in a restaurant in Ibiza, on the occasion of the birthday celebrations.

An acquaintance that comes after the previous flames: Dua was with the model Anwar Hadidyounger brother of Gigi and Bella Hadid for two years until 2021; in September 2022 she was then spotted in New York with the presenter Trevor Noahonly to then meet up with the singer in December 2022 Jack Harlow, who also named a song after her.

Let’s talk about sex!

Despite her young age, Dua Lipa has very clear ideas about life as a couple, especially between the sheets: «Don’t talk about sex with the person you’re sleeping with is one strange anomaly for me – he confesses in an interview with The Suntouching on these topics for the first time in his career – I think it’s important to normalize the conversation about sex and make it a topic that we can talk about more freely, so that we can letting go of guilt and shame that cloaks him.”

Courageous and modern in her approach to sex, a little more old-fashioned in looking for love: «I’m not a fan of dating appsas Tinder and Bumble, Why they took away all the spontaneity in favor of a very unsexy online search – specific – I have many friends signed up to these apps and sometimes it works. But the idea of meet through mutual friends or work or life opportunitiesstarting conversations and doing things that don’t seem so automatic is probably the best way for me to meet new people.”

Obviously, the meeting took place with Romain through friends and not online. «Today we want to immediately have the certainty that everything is working, that the match is the right one, but isn’t eliminating uncertainty a little unattractive? – explains the singer – There is something about the unknown that is exciting – it teaches you to go with the flowthat is, you learn to feel that you are going in the right direction, then you can let the rest take its course.”

Loyalty first of all

Dua Lipa is old fashioned even in her couple values: «I strongly believe in loyalty, but it is not easy. It requires strength and maturity.” And he also analyzes it from a social point of view: «Before, people received many different inputs – support, affection, listening – from different people within their circle. Today, people base all their happiness on one person. We want to find the man or woman who satisfies everything: emotional needs, sexual needs, the need for a best friend. But it’s not realistic.”

But the real secret is…

So, How can you hope to make love last, what’s the secret? «Maintain that freshness of the first times, that fun, always new ways to continue to be curious about others. Nowadays I read that problems emerge when the “roommate phase”, where you live together, share your life, but are no longer romantically involved. In short we split hairs to be happy, when it would be enough to rediscover the spontaneity of the first approaches».

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