Duck Nails, the new unexpected nail trend that comes from TikTok

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Le duck nails – also said flared nails O Y2K manicures – no matter what you choose to call them, they are the epitome of style Millenium bug. Their shape is unmistakable: the tips are wide and triangular, almost reminiscent of a fan, the beak of a duck or a pair of flared jeans. There are those who even compare them to ugly shoes, from Crocks to Balenciaga slippers.

The “ugly you like” thus also depopulated in the world of manicure, becoming very popular on the social platforms of TikTok and Instagram.

And, like all the most unexpected nail trends – almost as much as Lipstick nails – they don’t know a compromise in terms of likes. Either you love them or you hate them, in short. But their recent popularity is due to Generation Z, who are very open to experimenting with new manicures. And they like them because they have acquired a purely Kawaii taste, translatable as graceful and adorable, because with charms that recall cartoon elements, from Hello Kitty to Takashi Murakami’s creations, in pastel tones. All studded with rhinestones, gems and glitter.

Of course, these manicures may seem rather clumsy, they are bulky and not with a “very delicate” aesthetic effect, but they are fun and irreverent, suitable for those who want to break the mold. At least for this summer, which dreams of total light-heartedness.

In the gallery 20 ideas to copy, to feel the coolest following the hottest trend of the summer.

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