Dude Perfect’s Net Worth – & How They Did It!

Dude Perfect are worth over $20 million as of the year 2020, yet they still remain the humble, fun-loving boy next door and keep making amazing content for their viewers on their YouTube channel with over 53 million subscribers.


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Almost all of us millennials have heard of a group on most social media forums, Dude Perfect. Maybe a stray video found its way on your Facebook wall in early teen 2000s, or your YouTube page suggested a video with an exciting thumbnail of some guys doing harmless pranks. Dude Perfect has mostly made its way into our lives accidentally but stayed there due to their unique content and captivating videos.

This group of 5, including twins Cory and Coby, Cody Jones, Garrett Hilbert and Cotton, has been one of our favorite bunch of guys doing sports pranks on each other. They might seem all fun and game, which they are to some extent; however, they do have a mammoth empire under their names.

Early Career

During early 2009, the group recorded and posted a candid video of the group performing trick shots on Tyler Toney’s ranch. The video received a whopping 200,000 views in a single day, which, at that time, was a massive deal for a channel.

Their second video broke all records and received over 18 million views. It became one of the most viewed sports videos back then, and their raging fame attracted ESPN sponsorship soon after.

That sponsorship opened new doors for the group, and their fun banter among friends became an internet sensation. Their popularity grew, and with it, Dude Perfect’s net worth, which reached about $1.5 million in late 2018.

Dude Perfect Takes Flight

After their initial couple of videos practically broke the internet in the sports genre, they were receiving more and more recognition and name for themselves with each passing day. After their first endorsement deal with ESPN, other sports channels started approaching them as well. They have been featured in First Take, Around the Horn, Sports Nation and Pardon the Interruption among the few.

Several professional athletes and celebrities have also approached them. One of such faces was the former Sacramento Kings player Tyreke Evans and got promoted for the Rookie of the year candidate.

Among others, they have been approached by NBA star Chris Paul, Australian Bowler Jason Belmonte, the coach of Seattle Seahawks Pete Carroll, the quarterback Russell Wilson, and the volleyball star Morgan Beck.

They have been approached by several celebrities who have tried to entice the sports-loving viewership into delving in the world of movies and films. Some of such showbiz celebs are the never ageing Paul Rudd and the singer Tim McGraw.

Dude Perfect Net Worth 2020

As of the year 2020, it is estimated that all of them combined worth more than $20 million. Dude Perfect been making fun-loving and light-hearted sports content for over a decade, their reward being a considerable sum of over $1 million each month from their YouTube channel only.

Dude Perfect own a brand of merchandise. Their website sells reach hundreds of thousands each month as more of their hoodies, basketballs, gift cards, snap hats and jumpers among many other items are sold to their loving fans all over the world.

Charity and Notable Contributions

Even though the bunch is multimillionaires with a net worth of over $20 million, while living the life at its best doing what they love with the people that they love, the boys are grounded and empathetic. They still believe that their success and popularity is a gift from God for their hard work and dedication. They have donated for many charities and causes throughout and stood up for what they felt was right. Apart from a fun-loving group of 5 friends, these guys have become a role model for the young YouTubers aiming to hit big in the market.

TV Show Endorsements

They have a TV show called The Dude Perfect Show on CMT. It’s a reasonably popular show and has been airing since September 2015 with strong ratings throughout. The show has moved to nickelodeon on a permanent time slot and keeps making more fans and cash at the same time.

In 2020, they partnered with YouTube Originals and released a documentary called Backstage Pass, which was based on their lives when they are not filming videos for their channels.

The Dude Perfect Game

These guys didn’t stop at just the TV show; they have their own game featuring the five friends and their trick shots. Dude perfect is readily available on App Store. The game was released in 2011 for Android and iOS. This game was followed by Dude Perfect 2, Endless Ducker and That’s Lit.

Social Media Recognition

With over 17 million likes and 18 million followers, the Facebook page for Dude Perfect has been attracting more sponsorship. The page has a dedicated and organic following with a high engagement percentage. Moreover, their journey started from a YouTube video, and it remains their biggest earning asset to this day. The main channel has over 53 million subscribers and earns about $1.5 million each month. They post their videos regularly and have not lost their carefree candid touch which got them the unreal fame.

World Records

They have the record of longest successful basketball shot ever. Dude Perfect attempted a shot from 45 meters away and 66 meters high into a basket and made it in 2010. They also hold the world records for the highest basketball shot, the longest blindfolded shot, and the longest sitting shot for a basketball hoop.

Some of these shots seem so impractical and unattainable that many have questioned their authenticity and credibility. Even in shows like Good Morning America, their shots have been discussed if they are real or edited. However, even after countless debates, no one has been able to find concrete proof of their videos being fake or edited.

Their content quality is something that has yet to be preceded by someone, and that’s why they have maintained their top spot as a sports channel.


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