Dumbbell Workout 1.2.1

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Just a pair of dumbbells 🔩 – and now you are quickly building muscle mass and becoming stronger. Get your dream shape at home! We offer 30-day workout plans for men and women with 3 difficulty levels, perfect for beginners and pros alike.

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Hundreds of exercises in the application involve all major muscle groups, shoulders, arms, chest, back, abs, legs, etc. We have prepared two exercise bases: with dumbbells and with body weight. The trainer will select a workout for you according to the chosen goal, level of training, etc. and draw up personal training plans. And you can customize bodybuilding classes to suit your needs.


  • Gain good muscle mass and make a relief.
  • Build strong arms, biceps, triceps, broaden your shoulders, build pecs, pack abs, steel back and strong legs.
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  • Gain muscle mass and become stronger; get your body in perfect shape.
  • Make your arms beautiful and thin, your legs slim, tighten your chest, straighten your shoulders, pump up a neat press.

Weight training has been proven to stimulate the production of anabolic hormones (promoting muscle growth), so training with dumbbells can effectively speed up the process of gaining muscle mass. Get down to business! Sweat a couple of minutes a day at home with dumbbells – and you will achieve great results in no time!

3D ANIMATIONS and videos will help you perform the exercises correctly. During each workout you will receive TIPS for better results.

Use the tracker to track daily workouts, calories burned and weight loss. Sync data with Google Fit. Every day we increase the intensity of training, so for the adaptation of the body it is necessary to take breaks every three days.

Personal fitness trainer

  • 3D animations and videos are your personal trainer.
  • Recommendations for each exercise will help you perform them correctly for best results.
  • Create your own training program.
  • Make personal plans based on goal, gender, fitness level, target zone, and more.

Effective workouts with dumbbells☆

  • Lose weight efficiently, build muscle and get stronger.
  • Training with dumbbells is suitable for everyone: men, women, professionals, beginners.
  • Train effectively at home or in the gym.
  • Work on target areas and achieve better results.
  • Constantly add new workouts to the exercise database.
  • Gain muscle mass: arm workouts with dumbbells, chest workouts with dumbbells, back workouts with dumbbells, leg workouts with dumbbells, shoulder workouts with dumbbells, squats with dumbbells, deadlifts with dumbbells.

Useful Features

  • Reminders help exercise become a habit.
  • Data synchronization with Google Fit.
  • Track your weight loss progress.
  • Calorie burn tracking, BMI calculation.
  • Change the speed, approaches, 3D model of the coach.
  • The calendar will remind you when the training days are.
  • The reports record all workouts, their duration and calories burned.

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