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Duo is arrested with 90 bank cards at Virada Cultural de SP

Two men were arrested with 90 bank cards over the weekend during Virada Cultural de São Paulo. One of the suspects pretended to be a salesman to exchange customers' cards.

According to the São Paulo Public Security Secretariat, military police received reports about the robbery of victims in the Largo do Paissandu region, Historic Center of the capital, and a man was found with 90 bank cards.

The scammer passed the victim's card through the machine and, surreptitiously, exchanged it for a fake card, according to the secretariat. The suspect indicated an accomplice, who also participated in the scams. A car key was found with him.

Five card machines and a stolen cell phone were seized in the vehicle. The duo was taken to the 2nd DP (Bom Retiro) and the case was registered as embezzlement and reception. The police also stated that one of them already had a criminal record for embezzlement and embezzlement.

* Under supervision

Source: CNN Brasil

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