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During The Explosions At Military Factories In Bulgaria, There Were Agents Of The Russian Gru – Radio Liberty

The Bulgarian service of Radio Liberty published the data of its investigation, indicating the possible involvement of employees of the Main Intelligence Directorate of Russia in a series of explosions at enterprises producing weapons and ammunition in 2014-2015 in Bulgaria.


In the period from February 2014 to April 2015, six explosions thundered at five Bulgarian arms factories, killing 17 people. All of the explosions occurred during a period of high tension in Eastern Europe, caused by the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Around the time of the explosions at the Vazov plant in the spring of 2015, at least six Russians, allegedly agents of the GRU, traveled to Bulgaria.

Another alleged GRU agent traveled to and from Bulgaria, according to Bellingcat, shortly before the 2014 bombings.

Journalists name the names of Vladimir Moiseev (using the pseudonym Vladimir Popov), Denis Sergeev (Sergei Fedotov), ​​Sergei Lyutenkov (Sergei Pavlov), Yegor Gordienko (Georgy Gorshkov).

The presence of the latter two in Bulgaria coincided with the poisoning by an unknown substance of the owner of the arms company EMCO Emilian Gebrev, his son and EMCO production director Valentin Takhchiev. The Bulgarian prosecutor’s office accused three Russians of an attempt on Gebrev’s life. Among them is Denis Sergeev, who, as it turned out, had a connection with the case of the Skripal poisoning in Britain.

  • On April 17, the Czech Republic announced the expulsion of all Russian diplomats identified as members of the Russian special services. The reason was the suspicion of the involvement of the Main Directorate of the General Staff of the Russian Federation (formerly the GRU) in the explosions of ammunition depots in Vrbetica in 2014.
  • Several Czech media outlets, citing sources, reported that weapons were unloaded at the warehouses in Vrbetica for Gebrev, who allegedly supplied them to Ukraine. The businessman denies this.
  • In response to the actions of the Czech Republic, the Russian Federation expelled 20 Czech diplomats from Moscow.
  • On April 22, Foreign Minister Jakub Kulganek announced that almost all of Russia’s “diplomats” would be expelled from Prague.

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