e-EFKA: 700 new recruitments are coming in 2022

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“The new bill of the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs, which is expected to be voted in Parliament at the end of January 2022, puts an end to the suffering of the citizens, changing the” face “of social security in the country once and for all,” according to e-EFKA.

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The recruitments, which are launched within 2022, concern:

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– 500 permanent employees, as announced by the Minister of Labor and Social Affairs Kostis Hatzidakis, during the presentation of the bill with the eight major changes for the modernization of EFKA.

– 100 employees, with a 14-month contract, tax technicians, economists, etc., who will fall into the battle of outstanding pensions.

– 100 employees, with a 12-month contract and the right to extend one year from the public benefit program of OAED. The runners-up are long-term unemployed, between 55-67 years old. The pension departments and the call center 1555 will be staffed.

As already announced, to the 700 new hires will be added the inclusion of new executives from the public and private sector. The new executives will have three-year contracts, with the possibility of one-time renewal and a special system of additional rewards based on objectives, following the good international standards of public administration, while they will be selected through transparent procedures, following a public announcement. According to information, the employees of EFKA will also have the opportunity to participate, “allowing them a fair reward for their quality work”.

“The goal is to attract the best executives in the market who will contribute to the consolidation of the institution. With the above actions, EFKA solves the problem of understaffing of its services, after the departure of 472 employees in 2020, but at the same time satisfies the constant request Let us not forget that EFKA, in trying to fulfill the social role assigned to it, serves 6.5 million insured persons, including of them retirees, employees, employers, vulnerable social groups “, the body points out.

Structural changes and new organization chart

Having given as an immediate priority the improvement of the service of the insured, the pensioners and the employers, the faster processing of their cases and the acceleration of the issuance of pension requests, EFKA proceeds to the functional consolidation of 388 organic structures, 158 how, as he notes, a unified way of operating its services is achieved, better organization and utilization of human resources by using all modern technological means, as well as significant savings of resources, through the reduction of operating costs.

According to EFKA, “the new organizational chart is in the works, which aims to address the malfunctions that arose from the” violent “merger of funds, but also the overall improvement of the operation of the institution. The new model of governance provides for a new process with the election of the Minister of Labor and Social Affairs and the prior opinion of the Parliamentary Institutions and Transparency Committee, as well as a redesign of the Board of Directors with the transfer of micromanagement “.

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