e-EFKA: Electronic services for accountants and tax experts

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E-EFKA now provides more than 10 electronic services to accountants and tax experts, in the context of the broader strategy for improving the service of the citizens, through the utilization of digital technology.

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The aim of the action is facilitating the work of the specific professionals, who come in daily contact with the services of e-EFKA, for transactions involving their customers. With the creation of the electronic services exclusively for the service of accountants and tax technicians, the level of their cooperation with the services of e-EFKA is upgraded: the need for visits and documentation is drastically reduced at physical branches, saves valuable time in their daily lives and at the same time speeds up the processing of their customers’ affairs.

The online services for accountants and tax experts are provided through the official website of e-EFKA (www.efka.gov.gr) and relate specifically to:

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– Electronic Submission of a Detailed Periodic Statement: It is a service that relieves accountants and tax professionals from a significant workload, while contributing to a more effective fight against levy evasion and levy avoidance. https://www.efka.gov.gr/el/ergodotes/elektronike-ypobole-apd

– Certificate of Insurance Awareness: Accountants can apply for insurance information on behalf of their clients and receive it digitally at the same time, provided that the relevant conditions are met. https://www.efka.gov.gr/el/apodeiktiko-asphalistikes-enemerotetas

– Start / Change / Termination of Insurance: The services related to the beginning, change and termination of insurance of the self-employed are now provided electronically, replacing a time-consuming process that required either the insured themselves or their accountants to make successive visits to the e-EFKA branches. https://www.efka.gov.gr/el/enarxemetabolelexe-asphalises-me-misthoton

– Unemployed Contributions: Accountants can, on behalf of their clients, be informed of due contributions and available payment methods, receive and print notices. https://apps.ika.gr/eAccess/login.xhtml

Inventory Certificate: The accountants can immediately receive the inventory certificate of their insured clients, which have been registered in the register of e-EFKA, without the need to attend a physical branch. https://apps.ika.gr/eAccess/login.xhtml

-Insurance capacity: The specific certificate is now issued electronically and certifies the right of the insured to access medical care (health providers, pharmacies, contracted doctors with EOPYY, etc.). https://apps.ika.gr/eAccess/login.xhtml

-Certificate of Contributions for tax year: Contribution certificates for the tax year of the current tax year are now issued immediately, without the need for personal presence. https://www.efka.gov.gr/el/me-misthotoi/bebaiose-eisphoron-gia-phorologike-chrese

Electronic Services of the Insurance Debt Collection Center (K.E.A.O.): Through these services, a number of transactions can be processed electronically, such as debtor certification, electronic debtor information, debtor debt list, electronic debtor card, calculation of settlement installments, debt settlement. https://www.efka.gov.gr/el/elektronikes-yperesies/elektronikes-yperesies-keao

-Employer Financial Card: Through the online service, the accountants of certified employers have the possibility to obtain on behalf of their clients financial data related to the transactions (debit-credit) for the requested period of time. https://www.efka.gov.gr/el/ergodotes/oikonomike-kartela-ergodote

For cases where it is necessary to visit a physical branch of e-EFKA, accountants and tax experts can now make online appointments through the platform, selecting with simple steps the specific branch, as well as the day and time they want (https://www.efka.gov.gr/el/e-ephka-elektroniko-aitema-exypereteses-kleisimo-ranteboy)

Online services for tax experts and accountants are to be added to a list of more than 50 services provided electronically by e-EFKA to insured – employees, self-employed, self-employed, farmers – retirees and employers.

Today, 1.2 million electronic transactions are made every month, preventing corresponding movements and significantly reducing the inconvenience in the daily life of the citizens. The aim of e-EFKA is the complete digitization of its structures and services, so that the transition to physical branches takes place only for the absolutely necessary transactions, which can not be completed electronically.

At the same time, the body has implemented one broader action plan to upgrade citizen service, using digital tools. These include the operation of the new, unified call center 1555 that operates free of charge on a 24-hour basis, the myEFKAlive service to facilitate the inhabitants of the island regions of the country, the increase of the number of services provided through the KEP etc.

With steady steps, e-EFKA continues to modernize its operation, to overcome significant administrative and technical challenges with the help of technology and to upgrade the quality of its services to the citizens.


Source From: Capital

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