e-EFKA: The registration of insurance contributions from unilateral declarations is completed

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The registration of insurance contributions in the information system of e-EFKA for the approximately 130,000 employees who submitted unilaterally responsible declarations and became beneficiaries of special purpose compensation in 2020, will be completed on November 16, as announced today by the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs.

According to the ministry, the relevant procedure concerns in particular:

-108,000 approximately seasonal employees with the right of compulsory re-employment (tourism, catering, etc.)

-22,364 artists, creators and art professionals, tour guides and tour guides

-12 employees with termination of contract to companies – employers affected by the Mediterranean cyclone “Janos” and the consequent floods of 18 and 19 September 2020.

The submission of the Detailed Periodic Statements took a long time as it was a very big project undertaken by the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs for the first time during a difficult period, due to the special conditions created by the coronavirus pandemic. The files were extensively processed and special software was developed for the configuration of DPAs, as until recently the Ministry had not submitted declarations of similar size and content and there was no relevant know-how in its services, the ministry said in a statement and added:

As part of the process, a large number of inspections and cross-checks of the files of PS ERGANI with those of e-EFKA were carried out, in order to identify the insured persons who received the special purpose compensation. Finally, during the electronic submission of the DPAs in the e-EFKA, checks of the correctness of their content are carried out and any detected incorrect entries are corrected and resubmitted, resulting in a long time until the integration of the DPA insurance data from the e- EFKA information system. ΕΦΚΑ.

The process of submitting the DPAs of the above categories of insured with an Insured Registration Number for all months of 2020 has been completed. At the present stage, the “Individual Insurance Accounts” are updated electronically in the information system of e-EFKA. The insured will be able to know their insurance details until November 16.

It is clarified that further checks are carried out for the intersection of the data of approximately 14,000 uninsured insured, as the data is incomplete (eg there is no Insured Registration Number, etc.). An effort is being made to complete the submission of the DPA for them as soon as possible and by identifying the data by priority.

The completion of the procedure paves the way for the payment of seasonal allowances and cash benefits to these insured persons, as the stamps corresponding to the time they were beneficiaries of the special purpose compensation will appear in the information system of e-EFKA.

The Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs emphasizes that the delay in submitting the Detailed Periodic Statements in no way entails the loss of employees’ rights, resulting from the insurance contributions of the respective wage period. For this purpose, instructions have been given to all the Regional Coordination and Support Services of e-EFKA not to reject the cash benefits requested by employees due to untimely submission of the respective DPAs, but the requests to remain in the competent Services until the completion of the submission. of statements.


Source From: Capital

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