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E. Liakoulis: We will not allow the political escape pirouettes of the Government!

The Secretary of the Parliamentary Group of PASOK-Movement for Change and Member of Parliament for Larissa, Evangelia Liakoulis, was invited by the MEGA program ‘Society Hour Mega’ to comment on the recent developments of the current affairs, who, answering relevant questions, emphasized, among other things, the following :

Regarding the illegal surveillance of the PASOK leader, Nikos Androulakis:
– “Nikos Androulakis has declared that he will not accept any ‘whisper’ in his ear from those who came to the Parliament and relentlessly lied, both to us and to the Greek people.
– At this moment, PASOK has the moral legitimacy to request a commission of inquiry. We deal with the issue institutionally from the beginning and do not seize the moment. Answer us about the monitoring of our President, now. Why was he being monitored, through EYP and Predator? Why did they lie? The matter is already the concern of the European Parliament and initiatives are being taken.
– At the same time, the ND leaks that it will extend the time retroactively to check if similar surveillances happened in the past. As long as the Government has evidence, it must submit it to the Parliament’s Institutions and Transparency Committee. Political pirouettes to escape from the real ground, we will not allow.
– We will not accept either backbiting or adventurism. Bring all the evidence if he has it for SYRIZA ANEL and for the Samara government, when the Ministry of Public Order and Mr. Dendias were in charge and for all those who need to be checked.
– The issue that we will not allow to be covered and that all the Greek people will know is why the Leader of PASOK was being monitored. Verbalisms are not enough. The institutions will work, the people will learn, the truth will prevail”

For the entrapment of Syrian refugees in Evros and the tragic death of a child:

– PASOK has decided to operate institutionally, and will do the same now, in the matter of the multi-day entrapment of refugees in Evros which has shocked public opinion but also all of us, on a human level, since politics is the perspective of real life .
– A five-year-old child was left helpless and ended up dying, on the island of the river, while his mother allegedly buried him with her own hands. There is nothing more tragic than that.
– On the occasion of this tragic event, the vulnerabilities of the Government’s immigration policy come to the surface.
– PASOK, without inarticulate cries or opportunities for cockfights, asks for specific answers. For this reason, we will submit the incident to parliamentary scrutiny in order to answer under what conditions the 38 counted Syrian refugees were found on the island, how they were trapped there for several days, what were the actions of the services of the Greek state, while there were warnings from many organizations and what was the attitude of the Turkish authorities.
– The loss of the life of a five-year-old child is a bankruptcy of the political system in the field of immigration policy and must be dealt with seriously and transparently by the Government”.

Source: Capital

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