EA on Mass Effect Remaster Changes: Better Shooting, More Cover, and Better Graphics

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Very soon, on May 14, BioWare studio under the auspices of Electronic Arts will release a remaster of the original Mass Effect trilogy called Legendary Edition. And yesterday, April 6, the developers published an impressive post on how exactly the cult games were updated – it turned out that the team was working not only to improve graphics and shadows, but also completely redesigned the gameplay in places. For example, Shepard’s appearance editor is now unified – a gamer can create a character once, and then control him in all three parts of the original story. Naturally, the editor was supplemented with improved textures and hairstyles.

The developers also completely reworked the combat system in the first part – Shepard learned to run outside the battle, the shooting accuracy was noticeably increased, the sight now looks more convenient, plus the telescopic sight of sniper rifles no longer shakes, and there will be several times more cover. In addition, all enemies that have a head hitbox have added additional damage from hitting this area. Also, in all parts of the trilogy, the developers tried to make the controls more responsive, the boss fights are less difficult, but the Galaxy at War mechanics, which shows the readiness before the fight with the Reapers, now requires much more work.

The developers said that now, in order to be fully prepared before the final battle, it will be necessary to almost completely go through the first and second parts, and clean up the third one inside and out. And the authors of the remaster said that that trilogy will be a single launcher with one set of settings and subtitles (separate saving), plus new trophies have been added, and certain achievements take into account the progress in all three games. For example, there was an achievement to destroy a certain number of enemies, taking into account the kills throughout the trilogy.

You can see the full list of changes on the official website.

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