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Earth is finally the “first extraterrestrial object” on Earth found by a Harvard professor

An end to his teacher’s dreams Harvard which he thought he had discovered alien object on Earth put a new study, because it states that the mysterious pellets that the scientist found come from human activity.

At the end of August, Avi Lamb claimed that the samples came from the meteorite IM1 and found off Papua New Guinea may “come from an alien spacecraft”.

“It represents the first time that the humans touched material from a large object that reached Earth from outside the solar system“, he had characteristically declared.

However Daily Mail states that a study done at the University of Chicago by Prof Patricio A. Gallardoshowed that the object codenamed CNEOS 2014-01-08 is “pollution from terrestrial sources”.

According to Gallardo the pellets recovered are rich in three elements – beryllium, lanthanum and uranium. “THE content of nickel, beryllium, lanthanum and uranium is examined in the context of a known anthropogenic source of contamination and found to be consistent with coal ash,” he said, stressing that “their meteoric origin is rejected.”

Source: News Beast

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