Earthquake in Turkey, Angelo Zen is the missing Italian

Earthquake in Turkey, Angelo Zen is the missing Italian

Is called Angelo Zen the missing Italian in the earthquake that struck Turkey and Syria. 50 years old, originally from Saronno, in the province of Varese, he is a technician specialized in jewelery machinery. The last contact with his family, who lives between Vicenza and Venice, dates back to Sunday evening, a few hours before the devastating earthquake that caused over 5,200 deaths.

In recent weeks Angelo Zen was at work in Turkey, even six family members were unable to report precisely where. Zen had lived for many years in Romano d’Ezzelino, in the province of Vicenza, where one of his sons still lives, then he transferred to Martellagoprovince of Venice, where he lives with his wife.

Friends report that the technician from Veneto was on a business trip and he was staying in a hotel in Kahramanmaras, a Turkish city about the size of Turin, which was destroyed by the earthquake. Tajani points out, however, that it is not known where Angelo Zen was at the time of the earthquake.

Foreign Minister Antonio Tajani, on Tg3 linked up with the Crisis Unit of the Farnesina, explained that he is “in constant contact with the family”. “I just spoke with the family,” adds the foreign minister. «They all pray not to crowd near them but we have been authorized to give all the information concerning our compatriot which is still not found and we will then give all the information to the family. We ask all press bodies for maximum confidentiality and respect for this family waiting to know where our compatriot Angelo Zen is». Tajani asked not to “besiege the Zen family, we are the ones who have the power to give information about everything that is happening”.

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