Earthquake in Turkey – Dimitris Kolovetsios describes what he experienced: I woke up scared, there was chaos

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The shocking moments he experienced when the devastating, powerful earthquake in Turkey described on Tuesday morning (7/2) in an interview the central defender of Kayserispor Dimitris Kolovetsios.

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The night found us at the team’s training center. We have left our homes. We are not allowed to go this far because the building has some cracks» he pointed out speaking to ERT.

Focusing on the former earthquake the footballer pointed out that he found him at home. “I was sleeping at the time. It was around 4:30 in the morning. I woke up startled by noises doing things in the house. As soon as I got up I realized that it was a very strong earthquake. I tried to find my balance. It was very difficult at that time. It lasted a minute and a half, at the same intensity. I was waiting for it to calm down so that I would have a chance to put two things on myself to leave the house” described the Kayserispor central defender.

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Referring to the weather conditions, he emphasized that they are very difficult, while noting that he has found temporary accommodation at his team’s training center. “It’s good that we have this space, but a lot of people in the area were forced to stay in their cars,” he said and added “the municipality took care of the people who lost their homes by turning a basketball court and a closed soccer field into a temporary accommodation area.” .

Speaking about the strong aftershocks, he mentioned that the earth was shaking too much on Monday night.

“We came down scared from the apartment building”

The 32-year-old football player he said he was one of the lucky ones as he lived in a modern apartment building. “The apartment building has 21 floors. It is new and is considered one of the good apartment buildings in the area, but it was filled with cracks,” he said. “As soon as the first earthquake was over, we all went downstairs scared and people were shouting. Mothers and children were crying. Others were trying to get their cars quickly so they could get away from the houses as quickly as possible. There was chaos,” he added.

As he pointed out, he spent the second, also strong earthquake of 7.7 Richter in the training center together with his fellow athletes. But as he pointed out, the most difficult thing for the citizens is the bad weather conditions as it is still snowing.

The same frightened by the fact that the earth is still shaking in Turkeywho counts thousands of victims since the awakening of Enceladus, is looking for a way to return to Greece and leave behind the dramatic scenes he experienced.

Source: News Beast

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