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East Jerusalem, West Bank, Lebanon and Jordan declare general strike in support of Gaza

East Jerusalem, the West Bank, Lebanon and Jordan declared a general strike this Monday (11) in support of Gaza, as fighting intensifies between Israel and Hamas.

In East Jerusalem, shops were closed and the streets were deserted. In the West Bank, public transport, schools, banks and stores were also closed.

In Lebanon, government institutions and schools as well as places of higher education are closed, according to the country’s National News Agency.

Jordan also joined the movement and the streets of the capital Amman were practically empty, with businesses closed.

Posters with the slogan “#strikeforgaza” (“#greveporgaza” in Portuguese) were placed on walls asking for support and solidarity with the Palestinian cause. Protests were recorded in the West Bank and Lebanon.

The United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestinian Refugees said it is supporting the strike in Jordan, including the closure of schools. The agency manages 161 schools in the country, educating more than 113 thousand students, according to official data.

Source: CNN Brasil

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