Easy hairstyles inspired by Kate Middleton

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«Bouncy» and semi-harvested waves have always been his traits hair badges. Ever since her engagement to Will, when her softly worked and luminous curls sparked the “Kate hair” craze required in all London salons. A mania that in reality, even today, does not seem to have fallen asleep. Rather.

Years go by, but Kate Middleton remains an undisputed icon of beauty and style. If his outfits generate unstoppable sold out at every public outing, her hair, often styled, is perpetually in the spotlight.

Beautiful, healthy and bright, the Duchess hardly misses a beat hair. Even on occasions when he decides to give us a cut, risk a fringe-tuft or illuminate the hair with golden, warm and enveloping reflections.

Because if it is true that in this decade in the role of Duchess she has never thrown headlong into daring revolutions (keeping faith with her “bouncy” hair), it is also true that there have been some small and imperceptible changes. But not in the preference for certain hairstyles: semi-crops first of all, a bit like the one that conquered social media a few weeks ago, ponytails and scenographic and elaborate harvests for more formal occasions.

And if the waves with a natural effect are now hers hair signature by order, not least, in recent months, they have been hairstyle ultra smooth and rigorous. In short, whatever the declination on the theme, Kate always scores.

In the gallery a roundup of her latest looks to take inspiration from.

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