Easy Recipes 6.49

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Here is a free application of simple recipes: simple recipes for soups, vegetable dishes, recipes with meat, poultry and fish, delicious and simple side dishes, recipes for cold and hot appetizers, fish salads, many recipes for simple sweet pastries and simple desserts, drink recipes and much more .

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Application features:

  • All simple recipes with photos and step-by-step cooking instructions
  • Recipes divided into categories for easy use
  • The application has a convenient search by name and by ingredients, which simplifies the choice of recipes for you.
  • You can choose the simple recipes you like and save them to Favorites
  • You can make a grocery shopping plan for cooking recipes when you go to the store. You can save your recipes
  • You can share your own recipes as well as rate and review other recipes
  • The application has a built-in food calorie table
  • Works without the Internet and your favorite recipes for every day will always be with you even offline!

The application contains:

  • A variety of recipes for simple main dishes and side dishes: recipes for potatoes baked in cream and cheese, a simple recipe for saltwort, chicken fajitas, stuffed chicken legs, Romanoff potatoes, an easy recipe for buckwheat that conquered the whole world, chicken chops with cheese, potato casserole , baked eggplant fan, cutlets with potatoes in sour cream and tomato sauce, chicken “bombs”, chicken “ruffles”, super fluffy cutlets with oatmeal, etc .;
  • Recipes for simple and quick salads to prepare: Caesar, Starfish, pineapple, chicken under a fur coat, Anthill, ham, chicken salad recipe with grapes and nuts, Zodiac, liver salad recipes, Fur coat, delicious sprat, Olivier recipe, chicken salad with eggs and mushrooms, Mimosa, Crabbe, Pomegranate bracelet, chic eggplant salad, “Gentle”, “Carousel”, etc .;
  • Delicious recipes for simple and easy pastries and sweets: recipes for pancakes on yogurt, “Homemade meringue”, ideal cheesecakes, lazy peach cake, recipes for sweets with banana filling, cottage cheese roll with banana: fitness dessert, tender pancakes on kefir with boiling water, simple honey cake recipe, homemade Nutella recipe, the most delicious cream for cakes, coffee and chocolate muffin in a mug, puff pastry tubes with cream, etc.:
  • Recipes for all kinds of simple snacks: chicken fillet roll with cottage cheese, cheese balls fried with garlic, chicken muffins with cheese, super pizza, quick kefir pies, julienne in tartlets, crispy chicken “Fingers”, etc .;
  • Cheese cakes in 15 minutes;
  • tea sausage;
  • Tiramisu: fast and tasty;
  • Meat pie “It doesn’t get any easier”;
  • Curd-banana dessert;
  • Draniki with ham, cheese and herbs;
  • Delicate honey biscuit;
  • Roll in 5 minutes;
  • Cupcake with condensed milk;
  • Light chicken pie;
  • Vanilla panna cotta;
  • Potato casserole and more!
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