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EasyJet could lose more than 900 million euros this year due to the coronavirus crisis

EasyJet warns that the crisis derived from the pandemic could make it lose up to 930 million euros in the fiscal year that ended in September, the first negative year in its history.

Facing winter, it has reduced its flights due to the collapse of demand, limited by health restrictions and the increase in cases of coronavirus in many of its key markets such as Spain.

Flights at 25% capacity

Its CEO Johan Lundgren has announced that they will fly with 25% capacity during the first quarter of 2021. But they will maintain the flexibility to increase it quickly when they see demand increase and the anticipated reservations for next summer are in line with those of previous years. “.

Concrete actions of the British Government

The British company has cut costs and increased its cash. Although she claims to be prepared to withstand bad times, she has asked the government for help with concrete measures.

“Aviation continues to face the toughest threat in its history,” said Johan Lundgren.¬†“The UK Government must step up with an appropriate package of measures to ensure that airlines are able to support the economic recovery when the time comes.”

A temporary base in Malaga

In its restructuring to face the crisis, EasyJet has eliminated three bases on British soil and has announced the establishment of other temporary bases in Malaga and Faro for next spring.

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