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easyJet: Purchases 56 A320neo Airbus aircraft

The British airline easyJet announced that it will buy 56 A320neo Airbus aircraft and convert an order of 18 A320neo aircraft in the same number into A321neo, effectively completing a 2013 agreement with the European aircraft manufacturer.

The planes will be delivered from 2026 to 2029, and will replace older A319 and A320 aircraft.

She said she was paying significantly less than the list price of about $ 6.5 billion, thanks to the concessions granted to her in the 2013 agreement.

In December 2022, easyJet agreed with Airbus to postpone some aircraft deliveries under the 2013 agreement because the pandemic had put pressure on its finances.

“While the board will regularly review the best sources of funding, there is currently no expectation that shareholders will be asked to fund any aspect of the proposed market,” he said.

Source: Capital

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