Eats Raw Oyster at Restaurant, Gets Bacterial Infection, Dies – ‘One in a Billion Happening’ Says Owner

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A simple thing like a meal took his life. The reason for a man from Florida who found himself in a restaurant to enjoy seafood, but… luck was not on his side as among the oysters he consumed it was also a raw one causing him to suffer bacterial infection and lose his life.

The manager of the restaurant, when asked to comment on the ugly incident that took place in his shop, noted that: “One in a billion for something like this to happen” while he emphasized that something similar has never happened before.

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The unfortunate man, whose name has not been released, was visited the Rustic Inn Crabhouse to enjoy his meal at the end of July. But quickly and after consuming them oysters, got sick.

Doctors later confirmed that was infected with vibrio, a bacteria that is usually spread by eating raw or undercooked seafood and can kill up to a third of the people it infects.

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The manager of the restaurant, Gary Oreal confirmed the unpleasant fact in saying that such a thing had never happened before in his shop and that on that day when the unfortunate man was in the restaurant, 100 dozen shellfish consumed and that so far no other diseases have been reported.

It is an unfortunate incident that happened to our client. He used to work here as a bus driver years ago. We are a family run restaurant. We have never had a similar incident before. One in a billion for something like this to happen. I feel horrible» said Oreal among others.

After the fatality, health officials from the Florida Department of Health visited the restaurant and, upon inspection, they gave his kitchens the green light to continue serving.

The oysters served are imgd from the Louisiana Bay Area and so far no customers have become ill from eating them.

The Rustic Inn restaurant has been operating for more than 50 years and became famous for his garlic crab dish.

THE Johnny Depp he previously worked there as an errand boy during the summer months according to the local Venice paper while several celebrities have stopped by their tables including LeBron James and Rob Kardashian.

Source: News Beast

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