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Eboli, 15-month-old baby attacked and killed by two dogs

The Carabinieri are reconstructing what happened this morning in the countryside of Eboli, in the province of Salerno, where a 15 month old babyFrancesco Pio D'Amaro, was attacked and killed by two pit bulls. His mother, who intervened to save him, was also bitten and injured.

The drama occurred in Campolongo, along the coastal road. The two dogs are believed to be owned by a friend of the child's mother. He would have left them some time ago to the family of the little boy who lives in the countryside. It is not clear why the dogs attacked the child who, according to the reconstruction, was in the arms of an uncle. As they were leaving, the dogs entered the front yard and allegedly went straight at the child. 118 was only able to confirm the child's death. The woman is not in danger of life, but she has several wounds on her legs.

The two pit bulls were transferred to a kennel. The police will interview the child's mother, father and uncle. The Salerno Prosecutor's Office has opened an investigation.

This story follows a few hours the case of an 83-year-old whose arms were amputated after being attacked by her seven dogs, Amstaff and American Bully, in the province of Padua. Oipa, International Animal Protection Organization, calls for the management of certain types of dogs to be regulated with the establishment, as the municipality of Milan has done for example, of a license for the keeping of certain breeds. However, there is no list of dogs considered dangerous.

«Currently, the dangerousness of a dog is determined depending on specific facts», explains the lawyer Claudia Taccani, head of the Oipa legal office, in a statement. «In the event of a bite or fight between dogs, in fact, the dog and its owner are reported to the ASL veterinary service, which keeps a register of dogs declared aggressive, and are obliged to follow a training course. The course is organized by the Municipality, together with the veterinary service of the local health authority, making use of the collaboration of the professional associations of veterinary doctors and animal protection associations. The expenses are borne by the owner of the “challenging” dog. In the event of serious danger, the obligation to take out an insurance policy and the obligation to use the insurance are triggered leash and the muzzle in the streets and in places open to the public”.

Source: Vanity Fair

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