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Echo Spot, Alexa gets a new look

Echo Spot, Alexa gets a new look

Alexa, for many, has become a trusted companion, a helpful friend, always there, ready to answer any question you ask her. Everyone has their own model, whether it’s a cylinder or a sphere: over the years various speakers have come out, from the Echo Dot to the Echo Show and now, in time for Prime Day 2024 (Tuesday 16 and Wednesday 17 July) comes the brand new Echo Spotwhich, if it resembles the previous Echo Pop in aesthetics, however has a small screen which makes it a new object of desire.

Echo Spot Features

It is a small object (11.3 x 10.3 x 11.1 centimeters), made specifically to be placed on the bedside table: the 2.83-inch display “transforms” it into a very convenient digital alarm clock to always have in sight. More “basic” than the Echo Show screens, it can however be used to check the weather, display music options and can be customized with different colors and animations.

The Echo Spot has barely had time to hit the market and is already among the products on offer for Amazon Prime Day: if the launch price is 94.99 euros, for Amazon Prime members it is available at 54.99 euros.

Amazon Echo Spot
Smart alarm clock with quality sound and Alexa


Source: Vanity Fair

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