Economic situation leads SP residents to ask for food at health centers

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This Monday (29), the municipal secretary of Health of São Paulo, Edson Aparecido, confirmed to the anchor of the CNN Daniela Lima said that residents have gone to health centers in the city in search of food, as they do not have food at home. The scenario is part of food insecurity, a problem arising from the Brazilian economic situation.

The current levels of hunger and food insecurity in the country are the same as those seen in the early 2000s. According to the National Survey on Food Insecurity carried out by the Brazilian Research Network on Sovereignty and Food Security, the problem affects around 116 .8 million Brazilians.

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Within this projection, the survey shows that 43.4 million Brazilians do not have enough food for the three main daily meals. In addition, according to the survey, 19 million Brazilians are starving.

Income and location affect results

Among the locations, the study points out that, in rural areas, the levels of food insecurity double. This occurs mainly in places with a lack of water, such as the Brazilian arid and semiarid regions.

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Based on income and employment, in households with an income of up to a quarter of the minimum wage per person, food insecurity affects 2.5 times more than in the rest of society.

The problem is six times greater than the national average when the head of the family is unemployed. When the worker has an informal job, food insecurity is four times greater.

Reference: CNN Brasil

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