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Economy gives Congress the green light to approve aid to truckers, within the fiscal ceiling

Economy gives Congress the green light to approve aid to truckers, within the fiscal ceiling

Fearing a rise in diesel prices and a strike by self-employed truck drivers, the federal government’s economic team gave the National Congress the green light to approve a voucher for the category with a cost of R$ 1.5 billion.

In recent conversations between the federal government and political leaders, which were reported to the CNN Brazil , there was also support for the payment of a gasoline allowance for taxi and app drivers. Members of the economic team have said that the benefits will be supported if they stay within the fiscal ceiling.

In Congress, there are proposals under analysis that provide for the payment of a voucher from R$100 to R$300, per month, for taxi drivers, motorcycle taxi drivers and app drivers.

About the value for truck drivers, there is still discussion, but the federal government came to talk at the end of last year in a voucher of up to R$ 400.

In contrast to other economic issues, the possibility of granting the benefit to drivers is now a consensus among the political and economic teams of the federal government.

The reading of the current scenario made by government advisors is that an increase in diesel during the electoral campaign can encourage strike movements, causing damage to the Brazilian economy.

The payment of aid to truck drivers has been seen as “cheap insurance” to protect economic activity in the country, despite the recognition that the measure would only be a relief to self-employed truck drivers, without fully covering fuel inflation. .

The green light was given after Petrobras members informed the federal government of the risk of diesel shortages in the third quarter, which could compromise the transport of the summer crop, the most important in Brazilian agribusiness.

With the risk of shortages, it is possible that the state company will make a new pass on prices, raising the value of diesel at the pump, which can encourage strike movements. The same apprehension occurs about natural gas after Bolivia announced a 30% decrease in the export of the product to the Brazilian market.

Earlier this week, the federal government was evaluating a change in the price policy of the state-owned company with the creation of a three-month lock to freeze fuel prices.

With the risk of diesel shortages, however, the proposal was re-evaluated, since the diagnosis made by palace assistants is that a freeze can increase the risk of fuel shortages.

Source: CNN Brasil



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