Ecuadorian government and indigenous movement reach agreement after 18 days of protests

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The Ecuadorian Episcopal Conference informed this Thursday (30) at a press conference that, after reaching an agreement with the national government of Ecuador, the indigenous movements decided to end the demonstrations and blockades that lasted 18 days.

“And in accordance with what is stipulated here, the presidents of Conaie, Feine and Fenocin declare the cessation of mobilizations and the gradual return to the territories, as well as the suspension of any act that could affect peace and public order,” he said. Monsignor David de la Torre, Secretary General of the Ecuadorian Episcopal Conference.

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One of the measures announced by the government to contain the price of fuel is to reduce by 5 cents per gallon, “which, added to the previous reduction of 10 cents, means a total reduction of 15 cents per gallon.”

After the conference, the Confederation of Indigenous Nationalities of Ecuador (Conaie) posted a message on its networks explaining that the minutes of the agreement were being revised.

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“THIS IS NOT YET SIGNED, out of respect for collective decisions, this moment is reviewed in detail with the structure of the Indigenous Movement, the act, which was prepared by the intervening commission, keeping as much as possible the best results of the national ten-point agenda”, they published in a tweet.

An hour later, Conaie signed the agreement minutes. With this, the national strike ends and the return of the protesters to their communities will be requested. In addition, the President of the Republic agrees to revoke the state of emergency and reduce the price of three types of fuel by 15 cents.

“Achieving results and advances in the priority issues of the national agenda, the Indigenous Movement officially considers the first stage of the #ParoNacionalEcuador LEVANTADO”, posted Conaie on Twitter. He added that “in 90 days, compliance with the agreements and commitments signed in the minutes will be evaluated”.

Guillermo Lasso’s reaction

After the signing of the agreement, the president of Ecuador, Guillermo Lasso, posted a message on his Twitter account. “We have achieved the supreme value to which we all aspire: peace in our country,” he wrote.

“Now, together, we begin the task of turning that peace into progress, well-being and opportunity for all,” he said in a tweet.

The Minister of the Government of Ecuador also spoke about the agreement. “We signed the ‘Act for Peace’, which ends the strike and calls for peaceful coexistence, public order, the country’s economic development and national reconciliation. Today there are no individual winners or losers, today the only winner is Ecuador,” wrote Francisco Jiménez on Twitter.

*This report was made with information from Ana María Cañizares, Germán Padinger, Sol Amaya

Source: CNN Brasil

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