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Ed Motta claims that “anyone who listens to hip hop is stupid” and generates controversy

Ed Motta 52, became a topic on social media when he criticized people who listen to his music. hip hop genre . Singer and songwriter focused on R&B/soul, the nephew of Tim Maia he also assured that “as black, he represents the most sophisticated aspect of the race”.

In the excerpts that went viral on the internet, the artist states: “Anyone who listens to hip hop is stupid (…) Without exception. The other day, I saw an excerpt from an interview with this idiot from Rafinha Bastos [que disse]: ‘Ah, because hip hop is the type of music I like to listen to the most. The guy is an idiot”, he said.

According to the singer’s opinion, intelligent people listen to classical and jazz music.

Faced with some comments, Ed Motta even said: “I’m not white, dammit. I am black, but I represent the most sophisticated aspects of the race.”

Check out the live excerpt:

Source: CNN Brasil

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