Ed Sheeran positive at Covid, will perform from home: “I apologize to anyone who has disappointed”

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“Hey guys. Quick note to tell you that I have unfortunately turned out positive to Covid, so now I’m in self-isolation and following government guidelines. It means that, for now, I am unable to go forward with any commitment in person, so I will do as many scheduled interviews / performances as possible from my home. I apologize to anyone who has disappointed. Everyone be safe. ‘ This is the message that Ed Sheeran shared on Instagram on Sunday 24 October, a few hours before his speech to What’s the weather like, which happened, in fact, remotely. “I’m not very well”, Sheeran said live from Fabio Fazio.

“I found out this morning (Sunday 24 October, ed), I have to be very, very careful and I have to quarantine with my daughter. I’m also vaccinated, think if I wasn’t, I’m embarrassed and I feel terrible about it, although I shouldn’t be ashamed because it happens to thousands of people every day, but it’s something we really need to be careful about. My wife was not there and she is not positive, she will stay elsewhere: we don’t want her to feel bad too, I told her to take a nice bath, she will be back in 10 days “, Sheeran said, happy, all in all, to be able to pass some time with her little girl: “I’ve never seen her for so long. I was there for two days and then I left. My daughter and I are fine together, the refrigerator is full and all we do is eat ».

The singer, engaged in the promotion of his new album, = (Equals), anticipated by the hugely successful singles Bad habits e Shivers and to be released on October 29th, he finally added: “I’m sorry not to be there with you, the car was already ready, I did the test, the swab and I noticed it this morning. I hope to come back at Christmas, every day I take an Italian lesson. I love Italy and I have a home here, it is a wonderful place and with the family we try to come as much as possible “, he concluded anticipating that, if things go the right way, Italy cannot be missing between the stages of the his next tour.


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