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Ed Sheeran reveals why he hasn’t had a cell phone since 2015

The singer Ed Sheeran 33, said that Haven’t had a cell phone since 2015 . In addition to the revelation, he explained some reasons that made him stay away from phones and highlighted that he only uses email.

In an interview with the talk show “Therapuss with Jake Shane”, Ed Sheeran told the presenter: “I don’t have a number, but you can have my email”.

The British man’s decision would have come when he became famous as musician and started receiving several messages on his cell phone. “I had the same number since I was 15 years old. I became famous and had 10,000 contacts in my phone,” she said.

“People just they texted all the time . And I was constantly in contact with many people. I feel like with phones, everyone expects you to respond. And if you don’t respond, it will be rude,” declared the singer.

Furthermore, Ed Sheeran reflected that he stopped interacting in real life while he was distracted on his cell phone: “Sometimes you just aren’t in a position to respond, you’re busy or doing something else. Suddenly you’re in about 40 conversations at once.”

“I was missing interaction with real life. So I got rid of the phone. I bought an iPad, moved everything to email, which I respond to once a week,” she said.

However, the singer said that his team gave him a cell phone for urgent cases in which he needs to be found or for specific campaigns on social media. “But it’s not like an active, functional phone,” he concluded.

Check out the interview:

Source: CNN Brasil

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