Education, Equality, Defense … These are the Budgets for 2021 item by item

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Today the draft law of the General State Budgets for the year 2021 has been presented, those that should promote the economic recovery after the pandemic. This document includes the announced tax increases such as personal income tax on incomes greater than 200,000 euros or the so-called green taxation, with which the Executive estimates that it will collect 1,311 million. An increase in spending is also reflected in the salary of civil servants, which rises 0.9%, and in pensions. All in all, these are the budgets with the largest increase in spending in history, reaching 456,000 million euros.

25,012 million to alleviate unemployment

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The Ministry of Labor will see its budget grow by 20% to face all the subsidies that the pandemic has brought, in total it will have 25,012 million. Together with the subsidies, Escrivá’s portfolio will have a larger item of expenses for Employment Promotion, which will increase by 29%, to 7,400 million. César Urrutia reports.

Social spending will account for 53.7% of the total

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The Government will expand the item allocated to the Dependency law that will reach 2,534 million, that is, 34% more than in 2019. For its part, the Minimum Income will increase by 19.9%. These increases in spending will have an impact on the Ministry of Social Rights and the 2030 Agenda, which is occupied by Pablo Iglesias, will have 3,836 million euros, that is, 2,147 more than in the previous Budgets. Report Rafa lvarez.

Andalusia and Catalonia, CCAA with the most investment

The autonomies that will receive the most money through investments from the Budgets, about 2,800 million, will be Catalonia and Andalusia. Both communities will receive 66% more than Madrid. Reports Daniel.

2,253 million for access to housing

The funds from the European Union will be a decisive injection for housing policy. Thanks to this money, in the game there is an increase of 367.9%, reaching 2,253 million. Reports Maria Hernandez.

TVE’s budget increases by 25%

The game for public television goes from 378 million registered in 2020 to 473 for the following year. The Government listens to the requests of Rosa Maria Mateo, sole administrator of the public entity, who in a parliamentary commission demanded the need for “a larger budget” and “more financing.” Eduardo Fernandez reports.

2,230 million for commerce, tourism and SMEs

The Government has increased by 150% until reaching 2,230 million the allocation destined to commerce, tourism and SMEs, three of the sectors where the economic crisis hit the hardest. Of this figure, 1,289 million belong to the European Union’s Recovery and Resilience Mechanism. Raquel Villa cija reports.

800 million more to support the primary sector

Agriculture, fishing and food will see their budget increase by 10%, reaching the 8,405 million allocation. Of this figure, 407 come from European funds. According to the Executive, the challenges in these matters involve improving the position of producers in the food chain “in the face of the increasingly important erosion of farmers’ margins”. Raquel Villa cija reports.

Equality increases its budget by 157%

The portfolio that Irene Montero runs will have 451 million. A new Plan for Equal Opportunities between Women and Men (Coresponsables Plan) stands out, the endowment of which is 200 million euros will be used to help parents of children under 14 years of age to hire caregivers. Report Rafa lvarez.

Energy, Infrastructure and digitization on the rise

The three areas will account for 15,000 million European funds in 2021. This is to promote the transformation of the production model and strengthen the competitiveness of the Spanish economy. The great importance of this item is reflected in the fact that the Industry and Energy policy will exceed 11,166 million euros after growing by 103.9%. Vactor Martanez reports.

Interior, a rise of 3.5% of the budget

The ministry of directs Marlaska will have 9,694 million euros in 2021, which represents an increase of 3.5% compared to the previous year. The Government thus protects itself against possible altercations caused by the increase in social unrest due to the COVID crisis. Reports Fernando Lázaro.

Defense will have 9,409 million euros

Regarding 2019, the budget of the Ministry of Defense rises 4.6%, to stand at 9,409 million. Margarita Robles’ portfolio has had an essential job in the fight against the coronavirus, she launched the Balmis operation which resulted in a large unexpected expense. Reports Fernando Lázaro.

The Treasury will increase gross emissions by 6%

The agency plans to carry out a net debt issuance of 110,000 million euros, a figure that is three times higher than it planned last year. It has also planned to finance a loan to Social Security for the amount of 13,830 million. Reports Maria Herna¡ndez.

Educational spending increases 70%

The allocations allocated to the Education policy in 2021 will amount to 4,893 million euros, 70.2% more than in 2020. Of the total, 2,090 million will be allocated to scholarships. The public accounts promote a Plan for the Modernization of Vocational Training to facilitate the incorporation into the labor market of young people, which will have 1,500 million. Olga R. Sanmartan reports.

Health monopolizes 7,300 million euros

The health policy spending projected for 2021 will focus on Primary Care, technology renewal and resources for the pandemic. The total amount, 7,300 million, represents 75.3% more than in the previous Budgets. 1,000 million will be allocated to the purchase of vaccines against covid. Laura G. Ibaà ± es and Cristina G. Real report.

Science rises 59.4% due to European aid

The Budgets contemplate 3,232 million for Science and Innovation and Development, of which 1,100 come from the European Union Recovery Mechanism. This is 59.4% more than in 2019. Of the total, 240 million are allocated to space programs. Informs EUROPA PRESS.

The largest investment in Culture since Zapatero

The Rodraguez Uribes ministry will have 1,124 million euros, 24% more than in recent years. Cultural promotion and cooperation and cultural books and publications are the two items in the cultural sector that have grown the most in the Government’s forecasts. Luis Alemany reports.

Slight rise in the Royal House

The Budgets mark an allocation of 8,431,000 euros. The Government does not indicate any increase, but Casa Real recognizes that in 2020 there was a lower sum, 7,887,000 euros. Eduardo Fernandez reports.

Increase the remuneration of public officials

The Prime Minister, Pedro Sanchez, will earn 85,608.72 euros in 2021, while his four vice-presidents will have a salary of 80,463.96 euros, and the ministers of 75,531.84 euros. EFE reports

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