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Edward Snowden has been identified as Satoshi Nakamoto

A user suggested that Snowden could be Satoshi Nakamoto. The former special agent responded to this statement ambiguously.

Recently, former National Security Agency (NSA) employee Edward Snowden said that Bitcoin (BTC) is the most important monetary achievement since the creation of money. In response to this, the user suggested that Snowden could be Satoshi Nakamoto, the anonymous creator of the first cryptocurrency.

Mixed reaction

The technical specialist did not categorically assert that he was not the creator of Bitcoin. At the same time, Snowden warned that if he ever declares a connection with Satoshi, users will need to take a closer look at his words.

“If you ever see me say I'm Satoshi, you'll need to take a closer look at my tweets to see if I'm trolling or if age has finally driven me insane. Because if it’s neither one nor the other, then the words about Satoshi are definitely being used as coercive code,” he wrote.

A duress code is a signal by which a person under threat indicates his position to an outside observer.

Users X (formerly Twitter) did not seem to fully believe him. Many began to argue that this answer suggests the opposite. One of Snowden's followers wrote:

“Sounds like something Satoshi would say.”

Snowden and Bitcoin

Snowden has repeatedly spoken positively about BTC. Back in 2013, he said that he used Bitcoin to pay for servers where he posted materials for other journalists.

In 2023, during the Bitcoin Amsterdam conference, Snowden statedthat the first cryptocurrency should be considered from the point of view of its use in the world of finance. According to him, Bitcoin is the most powerful tool for changing the system.

Last week, as Super Bowl 2024 took place in America, Snowden noted:

“While everyone is watching the Super Bowl, I’m watching the Bitcoin chart.”

Could Snowden Create Bitcoin?

Considering all the flattering words about BTC, it is, of course, possible to assume that Snowden created Bitcoin. This assertion is supported by the fact that he is a computer scientist. In addition, the former special agent took an active part in the creation of the Zcash token.

There is an assumption that no one could create BTC alone. Some believe that ideas leaked from classified documents of some research project could contribute to the implementation of such technology. Snowden's life story fits this theory quite well. However, there is still no direct evidence of this.

In November 2022, the geek was arguing with Craig Wright. Snowden criticized him for trying to impersonate the creator of Bitcoin. Wright's trial continues. It was recently revealed that he forged documents using ChatGPT.

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