EETT calls for bigger steps in the development of ‘optical fiber at home’ and 5G

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The need for faster implementation of FTTH / FTTP connections and 5G networks in Europe was highlighted by the President of EETT and Vice President of BEREC, Professor Konstantinos Masselos.

Mr. Masselos, in a meeting organized by ETNO (European Telecommunications Network Operators’ Association), referred to the ambitious goals set in the framework of the European Strategy for the Digital Decade, with a time horizon of 2030, which refers to the connection of all households with Gigabit networks and full population coverage in 5G networks.

For his part, he argued that Europe should move faster if it wanted to compete with other countries in the number of FTTH / FTTP connections or the growth rate of 5G.

At the same time, he stressed the need for regulatory interventions and policies, which on the one hand will encourage the relevant investments in infrastructure and on the other hand will strengthen the demand, ensuring that these infrastructures will be economically viable and accessible to all.

Referring to the strategic priorities of BEREC, the President of EETT stressed that the goal of full connectivity and ensuring the “Neutrality of the Internet”, as well as taking action towards open digital markets, remain central goals for the next period.

Especially with regard to the Internet ecosystem, Mr. Masselos noted that a small number of large digital platforms shape and restrict competition, which raises serious concerns about the impact on the end user and the course of digital markets.

FTTH investments launched in Greece

Greece, although still lagging behind the eurozone in individual technological indicators, such as internet speed on landline telephony, has announced an important fiber optic installation program at home (Fiber to the Home).

In particular, by 2027, fiber optics in the home is estimated to be at 4.8 million fixed telephony lines.

The 3 million lines will be covered by OTE, through the investment program of 3 billion euros, over 1 million lines from Vodafone and Wind and about 800,000 from the PPP Ultra Fast Broadband program, with the project assigned to OTE (3 areas) and Grid Telekom (4 areas).

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