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Ef. Tsakalotos: Tsipras’s order was to leave the Memorandum – The pillow would not go to the people

By Niki Zorba

“The president did not order me to make my left profile. He gave me to leave the memorandum,” said Euclid Tsakalotos, speaking at the third SYRIZA congress, responding to Pavlos Polakis for his well-known (repeated yesterday) criticism that he did not the Government had to leave 37 billion cushions to the next Government.

Euclid Tsakalotos clarified that the order he had from Alexis Tsipras was to take the country out of the memorandum, that the pillow left by SYRIZA “did not leave it to Mitsotakis but to the Greek people” and that even if the amount was smaller on the pillow, this could not be given to Greek society, because there were commitments.

“I am as proud as Alexis for what we did and where we came out of the memorandum. To tell comrade Polakis that there was not a moment when the negotiating team did not fight for the world of work. From Alexis, the negotiating team up to 50 news “Children of the group, we worked for this reason”, he said characteristically and added that “We are not a systemic party, to distribute money to win the elections. We did not leave the” pillow “to Mitsotakis. We left it to the Greek people”.

The former Minister of Finance and one of the leaders of “Umbrella”, also addressed Alexis Tsipras, for the next day of the conference:

“There are times when smart people can disagree. And it is up to the leadership after winning to be able to be in solidarity with those who disagreed the next day,” he said, criticizing Alexis Tsipras for being good at impressing moves but not at ” ant work “, pointing to the drafting.

“There are times when you need to make impressive moves. And that’s Alexis. But there are also times when you need ant work. Where is the plan after the 31% we got in the election?” he wondered.

Beyond that, Mr. Tsakalotos said that the “Left can not discount its ideology.

“Let us also address right-wing workers. But it does not matter who you are addressing but how you are addressing yourself. We are not making discounts for LGBT refugees, church-state separation. We are not making discounts to win the elections.”

Source: Capital

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