Ef. Venizelos: The faction can win the battle of the conjuncture and the war of History

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“I wish the Party to win both the battle of the conjuncture and the war of History”, stressed Evangelos Venizelos, speaking at the 3rd Congress of PASOK-Movement for Change and added: “The period until the parliamentary elections, whenever they take place, and the new parliamentary “And a government period, whatever the government, will have multiple difficulties. Many open fronts. This is the central issue. We have to bring the public debate and the country into the issue.”

The former vice-president and president of PASOK argued that there are two fundamental democratic and national obligations to which all parties in the constitutional arc must meet, the national duty of integrated and realistic perception of reality at international, European and local level and the national duty and honesty that always comes at a cost because, as Mr. Venizelos explained, “there are always people who do not respond to it and so the truth finds it difficult to deal with pleasant lies or stereotypes. Populism and demagogy are inherent elements of democracy.”

Evangelos Venizelos underlined that “the parties should and are entitled to have their electoral ambitions and goals and this obviously applies to PASOK – KINAL which has the best right. No party has an obligation to facilitate the others. But the responsible attitude may a point of fatigue and maturity of society and beyond, to function as an advantage especially when the special electoral audience, such as that of the center and the center-left, is more demanding “. He added that “the new leadership of PASOK – KINAL will make its weightings and will compose the narrative of the Party that will be proposed as the national narrative of the next period”.

He made it clear, however, that “democracy always moves between conjuncture and history. Things are judged electorally at first. But later they are judged historically. The democratic progressive party has had many electoral successes and many electoral failures at the conjunctural level. of its contribution to the level of History “.

He added that each generation lives its own conjuncture and wants the best results in it, immediately and tangibly. Especially when he has suffered. It is completely reasonable and natural. But each generation also writes its own chapter in the history of the place. And there we certainly all want the severe crisis of history to be positive. ”

Mr. Venizelos analyzed in detail the great stakes of Democracy, European and National identity and legitimacy caused by the Russian invasion of Ukraine. He also referred extensively to the economic war of attrition in which the EU is primarily involved on the part of the West, the need for rapid energy independence from Russia and the complete disruption of the international energy market, coexisting with the explosion of inflation and supply problems, the need to avoid recession and stagnant inflation, the need to maintain growth priorities and safeguard the competitiveness of the European economy. “All this is ultimately judged at the level of European societies and national political systems. At the level of politics and democracy,” said Evangelos Venizelos.


Source: Capital

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