Effective Christmas cakes: 5 recipes

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December 25th is upon us and never as this year would we like to let ourselves be enveloped by that warm and timeless atmosphere that the Holidays grant. So why not focus directly on sweetness? Here is the magic of 5 effective Christmas cakes which speak of home, family, sharing, simplicity and imagination.

The elements are all there: cinnamon, dried fruit, fresh seasonal fruit, chocolate, geometries, snow crystals. All you have to do is choose your favorite cake and cook it while enjoying the moment. There bread brioche garland it is a marvel: it is good both for Christmas breakfast and as a dessert on the eve or on New Year’s Eve … soft, fragrant, filled with hazelnut cream. Chocolate is the protagonist of two recipes: the soft chocolate and pear cake, dipped in cognac to accentuate the “spirit” of Christmas, and the tart with salted caramel and dark ganache, really refined and enchanting.

If you prefer something more classic for the occasion, then bet on Christmas log: the Christmas log, a roll filled and artfully cut, covered with chocolate so that it looks like a log of wood. Lastly, one high cake of bread and dried fruit, moist and full-bodied, to be wrapped in sugar paste as if it were a snowy landscape.

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