Egypt: Archaeological dig in Nile Delta unearths mummies with golden tongues

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Archaeologists have identified several mummies with golden tongues in ancient tombs in the Nile Delta, in the area of ​​Menoufia, near Cairo, the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities announced today Egypt.

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The tombs date from different eras, including the Late and Greco-Roman Periods.

The mummies they were not well preservedwhich suggests that the tombs were probably looted in the past, the relevant announcement points out.

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The researchers also found several skeletons wrapped in gold leaf, vessels and materials used in mummification.

Archaeologist Baha al-Nagar explained to the Chinese news agency Xinhua and relays the Athens Agency that “the golden tongue was intended to ensure speech in the afterlife».

He added that in mummification “dignitaries» it was customary to decorate the face, the fingers of the upper and lower extremities and the tongue with gold. And this is because gold withstands time and maintains its shine.

Source: News Beast

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