Egypt: New “Pharaoh plague” due to heavy rains – “We were surrounded by scorpions and reptiles”

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Four people lost their lives in its southern part Of Egypt affected in recent days one of the worst rains in 11 years, due to which and more than 500 scorpion stings, officials announced.

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“No such amount of rain has been recorded for 11 years and it is due to global climate change”, said yesterday Tuesday (16/11) the Khaled Kasem local official of the Ministry of Development.

In “55 minutes”, on Friday night to Saturday, “eight million cubic meters of water” fell in Aswan province, the governor pointed out Ashraf Atiya on state television.

Egypt: 4 dead and major damage to houses

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Four people lost their lives when their houses collapsed due to rain and hail, announced for its part the Ministry of Health.

In total 106 houses have been destroyed and more than 300 damaged, added Atiya according to the APE-MPE.

The problem with scorpions

Moreover Electricity and water supply were cut off in some areas, while due to the rain many scorpions came out of their nests, resulting in “more than 500 people” being bitten, local authorities in Aswan province said. Residents commented that “Surrounded by scorpions and reptiles”, stating that they are concerned “about children and the elderly”.

In the desert of Egypt there are four or five types of scorpions, the stings of which they can cause high fever, although no deaths have been recorded, the Ministry of Health clarified.

During the winter of 2020 at least 20 people lost their lives from the rains and floods in Egypt.

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