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Egypt's president says Israel is fleeing ceasefire efforts in Gaza

Israel continues to evade efforts to reach a ceasefire in the war with Hamas in Gaza, Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, whose country has been mediating in the conflict, told Arab leaders at a summit in Manama on Thursday. Friday (16).

Sisi added that Israel is carrying out its military operations in Rafah, a city on the southern border between Egypt and Gaza, and using the city's border crossing on the Palestinian side “to tighten the siege on the enclave.”

Israel and Egypt exchanged accusations over responsibility for closing the crossing, which has been a vital route for aid to the coastal territory, where a humanitarian crisis has deepened and people are at risk of starvation.

Israel said on Tuesday (14) that it was up to Egypt to reopen the Rafah crossing and allow humanitarian aid into the Gaza Strip, prompting Cairo to denounce what it described as “desperate attempts” to shift blame for the blockade of the Gaza Strip. help.

“We conclude that Israel continues to evade its responsibilities and avoid efforts made to reach a ceasefire,” Sisi said.

“Those who think that military and security solutions are capable of guaranteeing interests or achieving security (are) delusional,” Sisi added.

Source: CNN Brasil

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