Eiffel Tower is rusty and in need of a complete overhaul, reports say

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THE Tower eiffel it is power plug in rust and need in full repairs, but instead it is getting a job in painting in 60 million in euros (333 million reais) before the Olympic Games in Paris in 2024, in a deal with reports trustincials cited by the French magazine Marianne.

THE tower in wrought iron in 324 meters in height, built by Gustave eiffel at the end of the 19th century it is among the most visited tourist spots on the planet, receiving around in 6 million in visitors each year.

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However, reportsincial in experts cited by the publication suggest that the monument it is in precarious conditions, and riddled in rust.

“It’s simple: if Gustave eiffel visited the place, he would have a heart attack,” said an anonymous manager at tower to Marianne magazine.

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The company that manages the towerthe Societe d’Exploitation in the tour eiffel (Seven) was not immediately reached for comment.

THE tower it is currently undergoing a job in painting that will cost 60 million in euros, in preparation for the Olympic Games in 2024. It is the twentieth time that the tower is repainted.

two new layers in ink inwould be applied in towerbut delays to the works caused by the paninmeow in Covid-19 and the presence in lead in old paint means only 5% will be treated, up from 30% originally planned, Marianne said.

The company Sete resists closing the tower for a long time on account of lost tourist revenue, the magazine added.

(€1 = BRL 5.55)

Source: CNN Brasil

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