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Eight Brazilian restaurants are among the 50 best in Latin America

Brazil has eight restaurants among the 50 best in Latin America in 2023 . This is what the ranking of the 11th edition of the Latin America’s 50 Best Restaurants announced this Tuesday (28) in a live ceremony at the Copacabana Palace, in Rio de Janeiro.

A Pig House , in the center of São Paulo, is the highest placed national restaurant on the list, appearing in 4th place, repeating last year’s feat. Commanded by Janaína Torres Rueda It is Jefferson Rueda the restaurant in República serves country cuisine in the center of the largest city in South America and brings flavors from the interior of the state to the table in non-obvious and creative creations.

Such exquisite work had already given other awards to A Casa do Porco this year, such as 12th place among the 50 best restaurants in the world and the best placement for a Brazilian restaurant on La Liste.

In Rio de Janeiro, the Lasai from the chef Rafael Costa e Silva , is in 14th place. He runs the restaurant operation in a small house in Largo dos Leões, in Humaitá, which last year started serving just 10 diners per night, prioritizing vegetables grown on farms in the vicinity of the Marvelous City.

From the hands of the duo Luana Sabino It is Eduardo Ortiz, the mexican Metzi appears in 18th position. Rooted in the flavors and traditions of Mexico, but highlighting Brazilian ingredients, the restaurant in São Paulo aims to serve authentic Mexican food that is reflected in the care taken with raw materials, such as Creole corn grains, which are ground in-house. to become the flat masses that surround several of the dishes on the tasting menu or à la carte menu.

O Oteque in Rio, led by the chef from Paraná Alberto Landgraf , comes next among the best in Latin America and appears in 20th position. At the house in Botafogo, the chef focuses on vegetables, seafood and fish and seeks out the best ingredients daily using modern techniques in the tasting menu.

The paulistano Nelita appears in 21st place. The house in Pinheiros is led by the chef Tássia Magalhães , which serves original Italian cuisine in the restaurant with a rustic-chic atmosphere through a tasting menu or à la carte options featuring pasta produced in-house and a wide variety of vegetables that can, on several occasions, be the star of the dish . It is worth noting that Tássia was recently highlighted when she was honored as one of the new talents of the year by La Liste.

Source: CNN Brasil

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