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Eight militiamen arrested in PF and MP operation in Rio

The Federal Police (PF) and the Public Ministry of Rio de Janeiro (MP-RJ) carry out, this Thursday (25), an operation to dismantle a criminal organization formed by militiamen who operate in the west of the state capital.

About 120 police officers are serving 23 temporary arrest warrants and 16 search and seizure warrants, issued by the 1st Specialized Court for Combating Organized Crime in the Capital. So far, eight people have been arrested.

The warrants target militia leaders, including Luis Antônio Braga, known as Zinho. One of the members was arrested in a luxury hotel in Gramado (RS).

During the investigations, the PF found articulation and planning for the practice of homicides of rival militia members, among other victims.

The suspects are investigated for criminal organization, trafficking in firearms and ammunition, in addition to extortion and corruption.

Source: CNN Brasil

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