Eight out of ten killed by Covid-19 are unvaccinated in Brazil

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Between March 1 and November 15, 2021, 79.7% of people who died from covid-19 in Brazil had not received any of the doses of the vaccine. This is shown by the data released by the Info Tracker platform, at the University of São Paulo (USP). Also according to the survey, 81.7% of individuals hospitalized with the disease during this period were not vaccinated.

Among the 306,000 people who died between the months analyzed by the research, 32 thousand had completed the vaccination cycle, 29 thousand had received only the first dose and 243 thousand had not received even one dose.

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The study also counted 981,000 individuals hospitalized for covid-19 in the period. Of this number, 93 thousand people had received the two doses of the vaccine, 85 thousand were partially vaccinated and 802 thousand had not received any of the doses.

Data released by the platform show that eight out of ten Brazilians who died from covid-19 between March and November this year were unvaccinated. In the same way that eight out of ten hospitalized for the disease had not received any doses of the immunizing agent.

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*(supervised by André Rosa)

Reference: CNN Brasil

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